Property Management

 A Home Away from Home

If you own property in Israel but visit only occasionally, or even fairly frequently, you will need someone to ensure that it is well maintained, and in top shape when you arrive. Our property management services include the following: 

  • We check out the property on a regular basis, as required. 
  • We inspect and maintain appliances and systems, searching for leaks and general damage. 
  • We check the premises for intrusions or burglary.
  • We air out the property, flush toilets and open the taps.
  • We collect the mail, handle deliveries and pay your utility bills.
  • We attend home owner association meetings.
  • We invite and supervise over any professionals required (repairs, gardening, etc.)
  • We provide full and detailed reports of all of the above.

Investment Property

Who says long distance relationships never work?

Purchasing real estate for investment income is a sound strategy, if you stay on top of your property. Which is why owning real-estate property in another country could get tricky. You could either be a hands-on property owner, who travels to Israel often and is available to answer your tenant’s every beck and call, or you could hand over the entire process, along with the headache it entails, to professionals. 

Our goal is to give you all the comprehensive services that you need so you could lean back and relax, knowing you are truly in good hands.

We prepare the property for showings and move-ins, obtain estimates and handle repairs and maintenance services, collect rent, make thorough routine inspections and find qualified tenants. 

Let us look after your investment for you, and address the needs of your tenants while ensuring their compliance, so that you can achieve the maximum return on your investment yet maintain a maximum level of sanity as well. 

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